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Natascha McCuan
Teaching Artist

Natascha is the Co-Founder, along with Kurt Thoma, of Acting Up Theatre Company, but spent many years away from the company raising her three children. She has two sons, Shawn and Casey, who are currently attending college, and a daughter, Miescha, who is still in high school. She is happily married to her husband, Bobby, who is a welder. Natascha rejoined Acting Up in 2005 as a Teaching Artist. She enjoys working with children and being a positive influence in their lives. Natascha graduated from Kirtland Community College with both an Honors Associate in Fine Arts Theatre Degree and an Honors Associate in Arts Degree. She also spent a year studying Musical Theatre at Central Michigan University. She has been involved in numerous plays, choir concerts, and dance recitals both on stage and behind the scenes. She has also been on the road part time with the Summer Reading Tour since 2006.

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