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18th Annual

Summer Reading Tour

Oh Brother Builders

Acting Up Theatre Company proudly presents "Oh Brother Builders" written by Chad Patterson.

Acting Up has been entertaining audiences for years with their high energy interactive theatrical shows and hope to do so in your library this year!

Do you have a big project? A Little Project? Or just something in between? Well, Oh Brother Builders has got you covered. Well at least one of them does anyway. Billy Builder has done nothing his whole life but prepare, design and build things for his company. He started out with Legos moved onto Minecraft and now is trying his hand at the real thing, actually building real life things for real life customers. Buddy on the other hand is more of a bumbler than a builder he spends most of his time folding blueprints into paper airplanes, catching Pokémon on the worksites and doesn't plan for anything except his next fun adventure. Billy wants Buddy to take things more seriously and Buddy thinks that Billy would enjoy projects more if he learned to have fun.

The Brothers are given a rush order by the pickiest man in town Mr. Finicky; not only is that his name but it also describes him. He has just gotten and new Bird book from the Library and wishes to have two birdhouses built so that he can attract all of the birds in his book, but he wants these birdhouses right away. So the pressure of this impossible deadline and the fact that Billy is serious and Buddy just messes around nearly destroys their brotherly relationship.

If that was not bad enough there is a slimy bad guy builder named "Jack Hammer" who is competing with the brothers for business and he catches wind of the rush order and attempts to steal their customer. The brothers must learn to work together, get along and find each other's strengths to nish the project for Mr.Finicky and to keep the evil "Jack Hammer" away from their customers and their plans. Billy learns about relaxing and having fun from Buddy and Buddy learns about having a plan and how hard work pays off from Billy; in the end the both of them learn great lessons and find that HARD WORK, TEAMWORK and FUN will help BUILD A BETTER WORLD!


This is an original play with LIVE ACTORS specifically written and designed for your Summer Reading Theme. We pride ourselves each year in providing a 35-40 minute original story that is funny, theme driven and entertaining to all ages. We believe that our fast moving action, colorful characters, up to the minute pop culture references, slap stick comedy, a heart-warming moral and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION are a winning recipe for your Library event. This is our 18th YEAR of having a different story each year. We believe in entertaining the entire family; when people ask what our age range is, I say 3-93. We keep the little kids, older kids, and the young at heart all engaged. I don’t care if you are a child registered in the summer reading program, a teenage babysitter, a parent, daycare provider or a grandparent, you are all considered our target audience! All we need is an electrical outlet, a 10' x 10' space and we are set for FUN!

-Chad E. Patterson, Owner

Price & Requirements

The Acting Up Theatre Company wishes to offer a top-notch show at an affordable price. If you wish to book "Oh Brother Builders" as part of your Summer Reading Program, the price will be $325.00 per show. *If there is more than one library in your district and you wish to "block book" on the same day your price will be dropped to $300.00 per show.
**This price also includes MMLC bookings.

The show is designed to fit in as many places as possible, so it only requires a 10' x 10' area with an 8 1/2' ceiling.

Acting Up Theatre Company truly wishes to be a part of your Summer Reading Program or Summer School Program. We are included in the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory making us available for Mini-Grants through their organization! If you have any questions or to book shows please see our section on Booking Information. Because of the enormous success of past shows (approximately 55 shows per year), reserve your date soon.

**Block-booking pricing is available to libraries who have another library within 40 miles of them that can book in the same day. Must allow at least two hours (travel and set-up) between performances.

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         "Without a doubt, Acting Up is the most reliably entertaining group on our summer reading roster. Total bang for the buck! This is one that parents enjoy as much as kids — a rare treat. We will have them back year after year — it is wonderful to be able to bring the theatrical experience to our patrons."

- Kate Nicholoff, Public Services Librarian
Haslett Branch Library of the Capital Area District Library


Jean Bolley
Foster Branch
Capital Area District Library
(517) 485-5185

Amy Knepp
Oscoda County Library
(989) 826-3613

Beth O'Grady
Carson City Public Library
(989) 584-3680

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