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20th Annual

Summer Reading Tour

Space for Rent

Acting Up Theatre Company proudly presents "Space for Rent" written by Chad Patterson.

Major Tom "Buzz" Aldrin had to give up a career in the Air Force because he found out that he was, of all things, afraid of heights. As a boy he had once dreamed of flying not just in an airplane but maybe even one day in a spacecraft to explore the final frontier. Now he settles for a career in real estate. (When you are afraid of heights, you stay on land.) He hasn't done very well with this either, now he is desperate to at least rent a space in town. Somewhere that with a little imagination could be a great business or even a living area. He has not had any takers however except one... a young boy named Neil, who has been kicked out of his house for the day because Mom is having book club. Neil's Mom tells him to get his head out of his phone and "those games" that there is a universe of stories out there. He looks and looks and finds Major Tom and his space for rent. This excites Neil, he loves space, science fiction and everything that has to do with worlds outside of our own. He rents the space for one day and tells Major Tom that he should spend the day with him and explore "space" with him. Where Major Tom only sees a vacant storefront, Neil recreates scenes from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and he even revisits the first moon landing and moonwalk. Both Tom and Neil learn a lot about saying yes to your imagination. Tom learns that he can still reach great heights with his mind and Neil learns that occasionally it's nice to put the technology down and create your own story mode.


This is an original play with LIVE ACTORS specifically written and designed for your Summer Reading Theme. We pride ourselves each year in providing a 35-40 minute original story that is funny, theme driven and entertaining to all ages. We believe that our fast moving action, colorful characters, up to the minute pop culture references, slapstick comedy, a heart- warming moral and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION are a winning recipe for your Library event. This is our 20th YEAR of having a different story each year. We believe in entertaining the entire family; when people ask what our age range is I say 3-93. We keep the little kids, older kids, and the young at heart all engaged. I don't care if you are a child registered in the summer reading program, a teenage babysitter, a parent, daycare provider or a grandparent you are all considered our target audience! All we need is an electrical outlet a 10' x 10' space and we are set for FUN!

-Chad E. Patterson, Owner

Price & Requirements

The Acting Up Theatre Company wishes to offer a top-notch show at an affordable price. If you wish to book "Space for Rent" as part of your Summer Reading Program, the price will be $350.00 per show.

The show is designed to fit in as many places as possible, so it only requires a 10' x 10' area with an 8 1/2' ceiling.

Acting Up Theatre Company truly wishes to be a part of your Summer Reading Program or Summer School Program. We are included in the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory making us available for Mini-Grants through their organization! If you have any questions or to book shows please see our section on Booking Information. Because of the enormous success of past shows (approximately 55 shows per year), reserve your date soon.

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         "Without a doubt, Acting Up is the most reliably entertaining group on our summer reading roster. Total bang for the buck! This is one that parents enjoy as much as kids — a rare treat. We will have them back year after year — it is wonderful to be able to bring the theatrical experience to our patrons."

- Kate Nicholoff, Public Services Librarian
Haslett Branch Library of the Capital Area District Library


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Capital Area District Library
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Amy Knepp
Oscoda County Library
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Carson City Public Library
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