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Teen Theatre Workshops

Our teen program takes kids ages 11-16 into an Acting 1 class on the campus of any college. They are taught three aspects of theatre by our trained Teaching Artists. All of the kids are asked to participate.

Three Aspects of Theatre

1. Imagination   Through different exercises and activities teen learn that first and foremost to succeed in acting you must use your imagination and sharpen it at all times. If you cannot imagine it; it is very difficult to be able to act it. So tyou want to hone that rich resource of imagination and we show them the best ways to mine that acting gold and use it on stage.

2. Commitment   We use a phrase at Acting Up, it's "Go Big or Go Home!" In acting the more you ommit to your choices on stage the more beliveable nd big you are going to appear. Just imagine if Jim Carrey didn't fully comit to every facial expression he makes or Napoleon Dynamite just went half-way when performing his dance at the end of the movie. We show the kids some exercises that will hlep them commit to what they are doing and ultimately show them how to make their performances more believable just by buyng into what they are doing. Acting is makeing others believe you are someone else but first you need to belive it yourself or you will never convince them. It is our job to help convince the audience.

3. Teamwork   There are huge relationships in acting; between other actors, the writer and the director. It is important that they all work in concert or like a symphony it will fall flat. You must have a give and take on stage and be able to communicate or the show will run like clockwork and will mostly be because you are doing something that is vital to acting; you are listening to one another. A lot of people think acting is just talking on stage and ding huge monologues, but it is more about listening and that is what we will teach.


Acting Up Theatre Company wishes to offer a top-notch workshop at an affordable price. If you wish to book our Teen Theatre Workshop for your Summer Reading Program, the price will be $325.00 per library, but if there is more than one library in your district and wish to "block-book" in the same day, our **"block-book" price is $300.00 per library. Acting Up Theatre Company truly wishes to be a part of your Summer Reading Program or Summer School Program. If you have any questions or to book us please see our section on Booking Information. Because of the enormous success of last year, reserve your date quickly to learn with us this summer.

**Block-booking pricing is available to libraries who have another library within 40 miles of them that can book in the same day. Must allow at least two hours (travel and set-up) between engagements.


Beth Revers
Dewitt Public Library
(517) 669-3156

Amy Knepp
Oscoda County Library
(989) 826-3613

Jean Bolley
Foster Branch - Capital Area District Libraries
(517) 485-5185

Jessica Parrish
White Cloud Community Library
(231) 689-6631

PO Box 1070  Grayling, MI  49738 (989) 619-5463